Our veneers are transported from the country of origin to our merchants in the UK and Austria, either by boat if from the US or out of Europe, or by road if within the EU. We actively discourage the use of veneers that are endangered, or pose a risk to species through habitat destruction, or are associated with illegal trade and human rights issues.


Packaging is kept to a minimum, without compromising the safety of the product from damage. Following installation, the wrapping is taken away from site and disposed of in the correct fashion, recycling where possible. We aim to insist that all of our suppliers use biodegradable shrink wrap


We recommend and offer to provide a service to arrange the disposal and recycling of all surplus furniture. We can also provide the associated proof of disposal and offer confidential document shredding, again with proof of destruction.


When it comes to recommending our partner manufacturers we ensure that they:

  • Have taken positive steps to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Utilise recycled materials for their products
  • Produce products that are recyclable
  • Use wood veneers from countries with the strictest forestry legislation
  • Keep packaging to a minimum without compromising product protection
  • Recycle the packaging