A Prestigious Golf Club


One of the country’s most prestigious and exclusive golf clubs approached us to discuss the redesign of their General Manager and Membership offices. The membership office was cramped with various types, sizes, and finishes of filing cabinets, and the client desired a more stylish and uniform office layout. The General Manager’s office had outdated built-in joinery desking with mismatched filing cabinets that needed an upgrade.

To address these challenges, we conducted a detailed storage survey to ensure that all filing requirements were met. Based on the survey findings, we developed space plans and 3D sketches proposing bespoke workwalls and storage solutions. Our proposal focused on optimizing the office space by linking workstations with overhead storage and task lighting to create a seamless flow. To assist the client in visualizing the concept, we also produced high-quality CGI’s and timber samples.

Working closely with our fit-out partner, we presented a comprehensive proposal that included clearing the space, updating the electrics, changing the ceiling lighting, and fresh painting and decorating. The selected furniture finish was American Black Walnut with white lacquered end panels panels, which added a touch of elegance to the office space.

We are proud to say that the project was completed on time with minimal snagging, and the client was delighted with the results. The redesigned General Manager and Membership offices now boast a modern and cohesive look, providing a functional and visually appealing workspace for the golf club’s staff.