Unipec UK Company Ltd

Moorgate London

In 2010, we designed and manufactured for Sinopec, the world’s largest oil refining, gas and petrochemical conglomerate a 12000 x 2400mm thirty six seater barrel shaped table in cherry veneer for the boardroom of their London office, Unipec.

In 2022, along with three other slightly smaller tables we supplied, we refurbished and restored these tables and then stained them to work with design of their new London headquarters in Moorgate.

We were also asked to propose and provide a top quality executive desk in American black walnut and grey Fenix with matching credenzas for the Managing Director along with a suite of the exceptional Wilkhahn Asienta low seating in premium leather.

In the open plan areas, positioned at the end of each bank of desks, we designed and supplied eight door personal locker units in light grey with removable black planters above.